Rage 1.22

Terrifying first-person shooter for iPhone


  • Fantastic graphics
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • Lots of weapons and power-ups


  • Pretty repetitive


Rage is the most thrilling and frightening iOS first-person shooter to date. Take on a hoard of mutants in an iPhone adventure that will blow your mind!

Created by id, the developer behind Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein and the like, Rage casts you as a contestant in a post apocalyptic game show called Mutant Bash TV. The object of the game is to chase through the three monster-ridden environments, blasting all mutants in sight.

The Rage graphics engine used in Rage delivers stunning visuals and breathtaking animation at up-to 60 frames per second (on an iPhone 4) - unheard of in iOS games up to now. It serves to make the on-screen even more terrifying and in-your-face. The snuffling and screeching of the mutants in Rage makes your hairs stand on end, and the background music is suitably tense for when there are no monsters around.

The attention to detail of the environments in Rage is very impressive. Each of the three levels (apartments blocks, lunatic asylum and nuclear bunker) have been painstakingly crafted with scenery that responds, realistic lighting and lots of grime.

Controlling your character in Rage is very simple. The rail shooter-style approach means that the character moves through scenes automatically. You are responsible for aiming and firing, dodging projectiles being thrown by mutants, collecting money and power-ups, and reloading your weapons - all of which is done via non-intrusive on-screen buttons.

The gameplay might be pretty mindless, but Rage is probably the most polished first person shooters for iPhone.

iPad controls fix


  • iPad controls fix


Rage 1.22

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